Truth breaks the dream!

One night I had a dream. It was horrifying, but right in the middle of it I began filling my thought with the scientific truth revealed in Christian Science. As I did, I suddenly realized I was dreaming and woke up.

"Now I ask, Is there any more reality in the waking dream of mortal existence than in the sleeping dream?" writes Mrs. Eddy in Science and Health. She continues: "There cannot be, since whatever appears to be a mortal man is a mortal dream. Take away the mortal mind, and matter has no more sense as a man than it has as a tree. But the spiritual, real man is immortal." Science and Health, p. 250; Christian Science explains that sin, illness, death, and any inharmony—all the supposed causes for fear—are part of the one grand incubus that says there is a kind of man other than the man who originates in divine Being. Whether we appear to be in the state called asleep or in the state called awake, this seeming existence apart from God constitutes a dream.

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August 21, 1978

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