Theft is never petty in effect

In courts of law petty larceny and grand theft are regarded differently. The penalties for offenses of the first kind can be lighter than for the second. But even if they are remitted by the court, offenders do not escape the consequences of breaking the commandment "Thou shalt not steal." Ex. 20:15; The implications of theft of any kind are so much more serious than people tend to believe. In the court of divine Principle offenders cannot escape detection or sentence, and the penalty is self-imposed.

We may refer to acts of petty theft lightly in Bible terms as "little foxes," but we should remember that in the Song of Solomon we are warned that these foxes are destructive. They "spoil the vines." S. of Sol. 2:15; We are wise to avoid letting what we may consider petty faults commit depredations on our lives even in very minor ways. They are not as insignificant as we think. They can turn out to have serious repercussions, depriving us of the benefit of much of the good we otherwise would naturally enjoy.

When Klaus moved
August 21, 1978

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