The majority of one

Early in our education we learn that the numerical value of zero is naught, or nothing, and that no matter how many zeros we may have, whether one or twenty, they still equal nothing. The simple addition, however, of any positive numeral, even the number one, outnumbers nothingness.

Don't practically all of us have experiences that seem quite real to us, yet are no more than zeros? The physical senses are constantly thrusting discords upon us for recognition and acceptance. Some of their names are unemployment, confusion, physical malfunction, fear, and distress. But no matter what the material senses call them, they can all be classified as zeros. Why? Because all of these evils assert the absence of God, the omnipresent and omnipotent. They present their case and support their claims solely through the evidence of the false, physical senses.

Truth breaks the dream!
August 21, 1978

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