Viewing What God Does

When we travel, healthy decisions begin with the fact that God does not go; He is. God is All. He is everywhere present. He is also intelligence, Spirit, Soul. Does this mean, then, that we should not travel? No. Travel can help us to express and experience humanly more of God's omnipresence. We travel in meekness, and Christ Jesus said, "Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth." Matt. 5:5;

We are meek when we acknowledge God as the One who possesses all and expresses all. Then we find our joy in what we see of His expression. As we come to understand that we are God's children, ideas of the infinite Mind, we begin to see that the limited mortals we appear to be are not what we really are. And our recognition of the one Mind as the creator and of Mind's ideas as the creation leads us to find satisfaction in what Mind is doing now. This is in contrast to the human belief in creation as something God did in the past.

Traveling, but Abiding with God
June 3, 1972

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