You Don't Have to Drink!

To many people, the occasional social drink goes with their gaining acceptance and advancement in the world of business. Drinking at office parties is virtually an unquestioned practice in many firms. Consequently, those who might prefer to abstain from alcoholic beverages, fearing the disapproval of their employer or possibly the loss of position, simply yield to prevailing custom. But what of the person who is determined to withstand the pressures to drink socially? Can adherence to higher standards hinder his acceptance and success in the business world? Definitely not!

Through the study of Christian Science, which reveals man as the spiritual child of God, one is equipped to meet such challenging situations with poise and dominion. The student learns to view his real selfhood, and that of all men, as the reflection of God, divine Mind. This spiritual selfhood, never subject to mortal laws of fear, limitation, or injustice, is always under God's loving jurisdiction. Because there is only one Mind, there can be no conflicting human wills, no collision of one with another. As Mrs. Eddy states, "Be firm in your understanding that the divine Mind governs, and that in Science man reflects God's government." Science and Health, p. 393;

Guarantee of Perfection
May 22, 1971

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