Unlimited Intelligence Is Ours

It is generally supposed that the brain is the seat of human intelligence. An accident, a birth defect, or some other circumstance affecting brain, says mortal opinion, may determine whether one becomes a brilliant success or an indifferent performer on life's stage. But what is even more startling is that this almost universally accepted modus operandi is widely believed to be the dispensation of God's law, and therefore to be accepted with unquestioning resignation.

Herein lies an absurdity. We are asked to believe that God, who the Bible teaches is invariable, impartial, and infinite Love, plays favorites! We are invited to accept the premise that God, Mind, goes to extremes, creating at one time a retarded individual and at another a Leonardo da Vinci, and that each is His image and likeness.

Freedom Now!
July 4, 1970

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