Why Are We Here?

Today many people are asking the question, Is there a divine plan or pattern which gives meaning to life or is existence a meaningless cul-de-sac? They ask, Where are we going? Into a higher sense of man's capacities and immortality or into nameless nothingness?

So much of the seeming turmoil currently present in world thought is caused by a feeling of futility and the aimlessness of human existence. The old religions and philosophies are losing their influence. This has left a void which only a logical and scientifically demonstrable religion can properly fill. Those who have studied and utilized Christian Science in their daily lives know that it has the answer to every human problem. Through it the whole human race is destined to find meaning and direction in life.

Christian Science utterly rejects the hopeless negativity of some forms of existentialism. It asserts that through a scientific understanding of the truth of being one can progressively master all evil and prove his real spiritual identity as the reflected image of divine Mind. As an individual awakens to the divine possibilities, and obediently and joyously begins his march from material limitations to spiritual freedom, he then clearly sees the real meaning of life. He then knows that he is here to express God, and the understanding of this fact gives him deep satisfaction.

August 5, 1967

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