Love Meets Our Needs

In the sixth chapter of Mark there is an account of Christ Jesus' feeding the multitude. When Jesus commanded his disciples, Give ye them to eat," Mark 6:37; their thought immediately turned to human ways and means. Their inquiry, "Shall we go and buy two hundred pennyworth of bread, and give them to eat?" showed their trust in material methods. Jesus, knowing that matter could never provide a satisfying solution to any problem, did not answer their question. Instead he asked, "How many loaves have ye?" By his question Jesus directed his disciples to an appreciation of what was already present.

The Master clearly recognized that the solution to any problem does not lie outside one's thinking. When individual thought is spiritualized, a solution to any problem can be found right where the problem seems to be. The five loaves and two fishes did not present a picture of limitation to Jesus because he discerned the spiritual substance they represented. And he demonstrated God's loving provision for His entire creation. The incident reveals the radical difference of outlook between that of Jesus and that of his disciples. They had turned to material means to solve the problem; Jesus turned to spiritual means.

August 5, 1967

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