As the result of a healing experienced by one of my parents, I was...

As the result of a healing experienced by one of my parents, I was enrolled in the Christian Science Sunday School during boyhood. It was my privilege to attend for many years, and for this I am very grateful. Since then the application of the teachings of Christian Science has resulted in healings of human relationships as well as physical healings. It has also enabled me to overcome so-called hereditary complaints and solve problems of lack. At the passing of a loved one, grief was very rapidly replaced by the understanding that individual man is the reflection of God, who is infinite Life, and that there can be no interruption in his spiritual state in spite of seeming material circumstances.

Another instance of the efficacy of Christian Science was the healing of a very painful kidney complaint. The help of a Christian Science practitioner was sought and received. The passing of a stone marked the completion of the healing. In this instance the healing took a little time, but the spiritual growth evidenced in my thinking is something for which I am ever grateful. It further consolidated my acceptance of the fact that Christian Science, properly applied, will heal any material condition.

Testimony of Healing
I attended a Christian Science Sunday School from the age of...
November 11, 1967

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