Does God Love Us?

Many individuals in the world today suffer from the belief that they are not loved. The fact that "God is love," I John 4:8: as the Bible teaches, seems vague and impractical to them. Because they accept the false testimony of the material senses as true rather than the Word of God, when things go wrong they believe that God does not love them. Moreover, they often blame others for the wrong thinking they are indulging in, accusing others of being unloving. Then they feel sorry for themselves and argue that nothing can be done to make their fellowmen love them.

Christian Science reveals, however, that such a state of affairs is not the reality of being because God is the only cause and He is forever good. It also teaches that through a spiritual understanding of God, Love, as the divine Principle of being and of man's relationship to Him as His reflection, an individual may learn to express God's nature and thus overcome the mortal belief of being unloved.

Home—"not a place but a power"
November 11, 1967

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