When I became interested in Christian Science, it was not for...

When I became interested in Christian Science, it was not for myself but for my brother, who had been declared hopelessly blind by several well-recognized ophthalmologists. After two unsuccessful operations on one eye for a detached retina, he refused to go through the experience again when the other eye became affected. He could just about distinguish light and shadow. He studied Braille and a trade at a school for the blind. It was recommended by a dear friend that he try Christian Science. He was willing to do this if someone would read to him. This became my blessed privilege.

At the time this all took place I was deep in the throes of a nervous condition. A marital situation had resulted in my being left to bring up a young daughter. Neurotic fears had claimed me to the extent that I had not left my home for several years unless taken in a car, and then I could not go to any unfamiliar place or large gathering. I was afraid to walk to the mailbox on our street corner. Medical and psychiatric help had proved ineffective. In this state I began reading to my brother from the Bible and the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health by Mrs. Eddy. After several months he began to regain his sight, for which we were both deeply grateful.

Testimony of Healing
During an unhappy period which ended with the dissolving of...
November 11, 1967

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