Opportunity Is Perpetual

Humanly speaking, opportunity may seem to elude us or to slip from our grasp and be irretrievably lost. But these contingencies are not true of spiritual opportunities. Christian Science reveals that these higher opportunities are perpetual and that they are available to everyone impartially. The occasion to return to the Father's house is always waiting, as the parable of the prodigal teaches. And there is always the truth of perpetual sonship with God to recognize, as Christ Jesus taught in these words of the father to the elder son in this parable (Luke 15:31): "Son, thou art ever with me, and all that I have is thine."

In the enigma of human existence, inequities may appear impossible to overcome, but Christian Science demonstrates the ability of the Father, divine Love, to reveal the spiritual perfection of every individual as he exists in real being. God, not human beliefs of luck, heredity, environment, or education, makes real laws. What Love creates is available to all, and Love provides the perpetual opportunity to reflect God's goodness. One may feel that he lacks human opportunities, but no one can feel that he lacks the opportunity to express Christliness.

Statements That Heal
August 21, 1965

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