Moment-by-Moment Decisions

Each one of us is called upon, moment by moment, to make decisions. We must decide what we are going to do, what we shall wear, what we shall eat, what we shall say. If we are driving a car, we must decide what streets to use, how fast to go, when to stop and start. The decisions made by the man or woman in business will not be the same as those made by the housewife or the student. Individual human experience will determine the type of decision to be made.

Many decisions seem relatively unimportant, and we make them without any apparent conscious thought. Yet consciousness and thought are involved in every decision, for the body and inanimate things cannot think or decide anything of themselves. A loved hymn in the Christian Science Hymnal reads (No. 258),

The Assurance of Humility
May 22, 1965

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