For Teen-agers Only

Teen-agers of today live in a world which is in many respects quite different from the world their fathers and mothers, and, for that matter, their school-teachers, lived in when they were teen-agers. In fact, this world is so different that adults often find it difficult to understand the view-point of someone who is just now growing up in it. And the teenager having never seen the world as his elders saw it finds it difficult to understand their viewpoint and even more difficult to understand why today's teenagers are sometimes misunderstood.

Everybody wants to be understood. Teen-agers are no exception. And the fact is that adults want to be understood too. But misunderstandings continue because few are willing to pay the price that must be paid if one is to be understood. That price is a genuine desire to understand others. Christ Jesus' words (Luke 6:31), "As ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise," are applicable here. If anyone, teen-ager or adult, really desires to be understood, he must strive to understand.

November 24, 1962

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