I am very grateful to God that...

I am very grateful to God that Christian Science has proved to me that the first chapter in the Bible is really true: that God made everything good and gave man dominion over all the earth. This truth has helped me a great many times. It healed me of a sick stomach and vomiting. I saw that because God had given man dominion over the earth, food could not have power over him to make him sick, and I was free. Chapped hands were also healed.

Christian Science helped me in the care of my mother, whom I had to be with nearly all the time. One day I wrote to a practitioner that I feared my mother was in great danger of having an accident because of her condition. The practitioner told me to read every day what Mrs. Eddy says on page 424 of Science and Health: "Under divine Providence there can be no accidents, since there is no room for imperfection in perfection." As I read this statement every day it destroyed my fear, and my mother had no accident. Now, whenever there is an accident or a thought of one, I recall Mrs. Eddy's words and feel a sense of security.

Testimony of Healing
From early childhood I had the...
April 16, 1955

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