I should like to express my gratitude...

I should like to express my gratitude for the wonderful works of God. I had the joy of learning of God in the Christian Science Sunday School, and now I continue to have the daily opportunity to expand this vision of God's glory through studying the literature, including the Lesson-Sermons in the Christian Science Quarterly. My thought is filled with the security and peace of God's presence.

Having had Christian Science since I can remember, I hardly realized the wonderful protection I had always received. However, it was brought home rather forcibly to me in an experience I had two or three years ago. While I was driving, a car stopped in front of me too suddenly for me to put on the brakes and avoid hitting it. So I turned across the highway, and an oncoming truck hit my car broadside. The instant I saw what was happening the thought came that there are no accidents in divine Mind, as Mrs. Eddy teaches. This thought did not leave me for a minute. The car spun around and went into a gas station, but I felt sure of perfect safety. When I got out of my car a crowd gathered and questioned whether or not I was all right. During the entire proceedings I knew nothing but harmony. There was no injury to anyone, and I was provided transportation to my destination. My car, to the amazement of many, was back in fine running condition in a week or so, and the insurance arrangements were most congenially handled. The seriousness of what mortal mind claimed could have happened in this situation did not even occur to me.

Testimony of Healing
For our Way-shower, Christ Jesus...
October 16, 1954

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