[Of Special Interest to Children]

When Alice was a little girl she used to be sent for long periods to a farm in the country because her mother thought the country air helped to keep her well and strong. Alice loved the farm. She loved it in the summer and she loved it in winter too, especially when the snow fell thick and white. After the town the country seemed very beautiful to her in its white covering of snow.

As soon as the first fall of snow was down, the children and the farm hands would go out to cut paths with shovels and sweep them clean with brushes. There was the path to the hen houses, where the speckled hens lived that laid the nice brown eggs. Then there was the path to the granary, where the food was kept for the hens that laid the eggs. The apples and pears and vegetables were kept there, too; so it was important to have this path clean. Then there was the path to the stockyards, where the cows lived that gave the milk, and the path to the barn, where their food was kept. All these paths had to be made and kept clean in order that the people who lived on the farm and those who depended on the farm for milk, butter, and eggs could be fed.

August 16, 1952

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