Signs of the Times

Dr. Albert D. Belden in the Christian World London, England

In one of his letters St. Paul refers to God as "the God of all comfort." It is interesting to explore this comforting power of God in reference to the infinite powers attributed to Him. They are commonly described as omniscience— God knows everything; omnipotence—God can do everything: omnipresence—God is everywhere.

... Do you remember the great comfort it was to you as a child to rest in your father's greater knowledge? Perhaps you went for a long walk into the forest or over the moors with him, trying to match your little steps to his long stride. You did not know the way—you could see only a little distance ahead, and beyond that it was all strange to you. Had you been alone you would have been frightened. But our father knew, and in him your trust was perfect. We probably all remember the story of the little lad who was traveling in an express train on a long journey. As it rolled into a tunnel a passenger asked if he was afraid to go so far by himself. The lad replied. "Oh, no! You see, my father is the engine driver."

November 24, 1951

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