I should like to tell of a remarkable...

I should like to tell of a remarkable healing I had some time ago through Christian Science. I was badly burned in a gas explosion, caused by a leak in the kitchen stove. The odor was not noticeable, as the bottled gas I was using is practically odorless; so I was unaware that the kitchen and the room adjoining the kitchen were filled with gas. When I struck a match to light the stove, there was a blinding flash and a terrific explosion. I found myself in the midst of flames that filled the kitchen. There were severe burns on my face, neck, head, and hands. Also I was badly burned on the legs from my knees to my ankles. My slippers protected my feet, and a heavy house robe protected my body.

Because of the condition of the house, I was taken to a hospital. Four weeks later I left the hospital in practically the same state in which I had entered it and against the vigorous protests of the doctors in charge. Before I left, I had to sign papers releasing the hospital from any responsibility in case of my death.

Testimony of Healing
My deep gratitude to God for...
November 24, 1951

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