This expression of gratitude for...

This expression of gratitude for the healing efficacy of Christian Science is long overdue. So numerous have been the blessings received through my study of the Bible and the writings of our beloved Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, that it is difficult to know which to mention first.

This study has turned my thoughts toward "the beauteous things of Mind" (Christian Science Hymnal, No. 370). My appreciation of nature, art, and music has been greatly enhanced. We learn that the beauties of nature only hint at the real, or spiritual, beauty. The spiritual idea alone is real, substantial, created by God. A favorite reference of mine explaining this is given by Mrs. Eddy in her "Miscellaneous Writings" (p. 87): "In our immature sense of spiritual things, let us say of the beauties of the sensuous universe: 'I love your promise; and shall know, some time, the spiritual reality and substance of form, light, and color, of what I now through you discern dimly; and knowing this, I shall be satisfied. Matter is a frail conception of mortal mind; and mortal mind is a poorer representative of the beauty, grandeur, and glory of the immortal Mind.'"

Testimony of Healing
I did not take up the study of...
February 4, 1950

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