Because I have received so many...

Because I have received so many blessings through the application of Christian Science, I wish to testify to the efficacy of this healing truth. About a year ago I fell and injured my back. My wife and I began at once to apply our understanding of Christian Science to the situation, and soon I was able to breathe freely and move easily. The next morning I had difficulty in lifting, and on the way to work one of the tires on my car went flat. Holding to the fact that strength belongs to man and not to muscles, I was able to change the tire and go on without any further discomfort or disability, and by evening the erroneous condition was gone.

When I was seeking employment, Christian Science proved of great value. I had received an advanced degree in chemistry from a midwestern university, and I made a number of contacts with possible employers, but the kind of position I had been hoping for did not develop. I finally accepted a position in another city, but I knew from the start that it was not the right one for me. I did not stay there, but started job hunting again. Christian Science help was requested, and in less than two weeks a position opened up with a company that was looking for someone with exactly my training.

Testimony of Healing
For Christian Science and for the...
November 4, 1950

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