Scientific Affirmation

Affirming the divine facts of being, its continuity, joy, and abundance, and then allowing such facts to amplify themselves and thereby refute every suggestion unlike themselves, is a scientific procedure never failing the one willing to follow it. It is this spiritual awareness to which these words of Christ Jesus might be applied (John 5:17): "My Father worketh hitherto, and I work."

The first step in such right mental activity is to make certain that we are affirming only the spiritual, the scientific, and therefore the wholly impersonal fact regarding any situation, and not some longed-for human concept, however alluringly wishful thinking may have clothed it in the garments of desirability. This discrimination is of the utmost importance, because the power of an affirmation lies in its scientific accuracy and unadulterated purity.

The Open Door
November 9, 1946

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