"Scientific man"

The generally accepted idea of man is that he is a material organism with a mind inside controlled by and at the mercy of a variety of forces. Humanity bases its living on this altogether false and untenable premise: intelligence is subject to nonintelligence; mind is imprisoned in and limited to matter, matter being this mind's own false concept. Thus mortal man is the victim of his own false beliefs. From this false premise arise all the suppositional experiences of mankind.

Christian Science enables us to exchange supposition for Science and so to dispel the illusions arising from supposition. This Science reveals man in his true being, the manifestation of divine Mind, governed by divine Principle in immutable exactness. Christ Jesus understood and demonstrated this divine Principle, which he called "our Father," and he revealed the true nature of man as the beloved son or expression of the Father. His close friend and follower, John, has defined God as Love. Therefore the divine Principle, Love, is the Father-Mother, cause and creator, of the universe, infinite and indivisible in nature and expression.

What Dreams?
March 10, 1945

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