Could It Be True?

[Of Special Interest to Youth]

One winter day two boys were trudging home from school through deep snow. Barker's arms were loaded with books, while Roger, having his hands free, was mischievously using his friend as a target for snowballs. At first Barker ducked his head and tried to dodge them, but soon, remembering what he had learned in the Christian Science Sunday School, he claimed his rights as a child of God. He thought. I don't have to be a target for Roger's snowballs; I am not a target at all. In a flash he remembered that Jesus had passed unharmed from the temple when the Jews had taken up stones "to cast at him" (John 8:59 ). Barker knew it was Christ Jesus' consciousness of man's oneness with God and his absence from materiality that made this possible. "I do live in God," he declared to himself with understanding; then aloud to his friend, "Throw all the snowballs you want, but you can't hit me, because God's protecting me."

Now Roger's marksmanship had won for him a number of medals. But, forgetting his friend, who could aim so well. Barker was walking close to God, feeling the presence and power of the Christ, Truth. "I live and move and have my being in God," he sang in his heart.

"Scientific man"
March 10, 1945

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