True Forgiveness

How long a mortal must suffer and be punished for the sins of the flesh is a problem confronting each individual anew. Yet, if one should ask himself, "How long must I suffer for believing two times two is five?" he would very readily realize that this mistake endures only so long as he remains in ignorance of the mathematical law which teaches him it is not five, but four. The Christ, Truth, is here today in Christian Science to rescue mankind from erroneous beliefs concerning Life, God, and to proclaim, in the words of Paul, "the glorious liberty of the children of God."

Christian Science teaches and maintains the scientific fact that man is not born into matter, nor does he live or die because of matter. Only to the five physical senses, which are merely limited, restrictive beliefs relating to existence, does matter appear real. These vague and mutable deflections of being seem to be associated with man, even as the sun at dawn, viewed from an ocean liner, seems to rise out of the water. But the divine fact remains that man is the intelligent and perfect expression of God.

Our Heart's Temple
September 16, 1944

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