"Give me understanding, and I shall live"

The desire to live and to live abundantly has occupied the thought of men more than any other one thing—from the cave man to the dwellers in palaces. Though with widely divergent interests, pursuing their devious ways, the intellectualist, the aristocrat, the farmer, the man on the street are all headed for the same goal, "abundant life," regardless of their individual concepts of the same.

Today it is widely acknowledged that the course of life must be run individually from the standpoint of the individual's experience and outlook. The jostling of varying human opinions along the way, as mankind advances from one landmark to another, may produce an unpleasant stir in the human mind until erroneous human concepts are replaced with higher visions and clearer views. But in the process of replacement we are reminded that we cannot "put new wine into old bottles;" they must first be emptied of their useless contents. This procedure might well be called the "unlearning process."

The Name of God
September 9, 1944

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