We Are Crusaders!

A crusade, according to Mr. Webster's erudite tome, is a "remedial enterprise undertaken with zeal and enthusiasm." Is it not well, therefore, to characterize the "remedial enterprise" upon which the United Nations are embarked as a crusade, instead of an invasion? The Crusades, which were initiated in the eleventh century to wrest the Holy Land from infidel hands, have never been considered invasions. A crusader has been held to be one who battles for right, for Principle, although he may have to carry the warfare to alien soil.

Not within purview of recorded history has there been a more righteous crusade than that which is in progress today. The Christian democratic way of life—yea, progressive Christian civilization itself—is under attack. Commonly accepted rules and laws of decency and humanity have been trod underfoot by brutal, mesmerized anti-Christian invaders. Did ever outraged peoples more fervently or righteously call for aid from their brethren? Modern knights ride again to the rescue of a desecrated Jerusalem.

Man, Imperturbable
June 24, 1944

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