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[Of Special Interest to Youth]

Young people graduating from schools and colleges to take their places in a world where fear, confusion, and hatred hold sway, and where war is fiercely raging on many fronts, may be tempted to accept the mesmerism of worldly beliefs and question despairingly: Why were we born at this time? Why must we suffer for the ignorance and sin of an older generation? What can we do to right a world that is bent on destroying itself?

The alert Christian Scientist is not troubled by such questions. He knows why he is here. Certainly he is not here to suffer for the ignorance or sin of anyone— not even for a false concept of man claiming to be himself. He is here, in the eternal now, a beloved son of God. In this understanding he can rejoice, reversing all that suggests unhappiness, separation, loss, bewilderment, or readjustment. He is not in a world bent on destroying itself. He is in the gloriously satisfying, substantial world of Spirit, a world where Love is supreme, where progress is infinite; and he can prove this in some measure right now.

"The Lord is in this place"
November 11, 1944

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