God Maintains My Lot

A public service gas and electric company had found it necessary, in order to extend its lines and improve its service, to tear up certain streets and temporarily to divert traffic over a rough and narrow stretch of road. Cars had to go over this in single file at a slow speed. To counteract unfavorable reaction from the drivers, the company placed signs along the roadside which read, "Signs of Progress." The tearing up of the old and inadequate prefaced a new and better order.

So today, as multitudes of men and women find their prewar ways of living—some their homes, some their education, some their business, and some all their life plans —disarranged and turned topsyturvy, they can, if they will look beyond these conditions, find that they too are incidental to the rugged march of human progress. A barrier on the highway Truthward has had to be removed. A great wrong that threatened the freedom of life for every individual on this planet has had to be grappled with and its purpose thwarted, in order to keep open the way of progress for all mankind.

November 11, 1944

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