Look through the Illusion of Doubt

Doubt, with all its unhappy effects, is a phase of human experience which can be eliminated. Too frequently do Christian Scientists allow this interloper to sneak into consciousness and spray a deadening cloud of uncertainty throughout the temple of thought, resulting in delayed healings, vacillating decisions, postponed success. Let us, therefore, look through the illusion of doubt, discover its nothingness, and thereby overcome its influence upon our lives.

Why should we direct thought to the subject of doubt? Because sometimes it gains admission to consciousness under the cloak of a good quality, and, having been so admitted, remains unchallenged. Thus we unknowingly shelter an enemy which carries out much sabotage against the clear thinking to which the Christian Scientist knows he is divinely entitled. Doubt also poses as an obstruction to the achievement of good, but its pose is without substance and fades out in the floodlight of spiritualized consciousness. "The hills melted like wax at the presence of the Lord, at the presence of the Lord of the whole earth." We can read similar affirmations of the power of God again and again in the great book of Psalms.

Waiting Hours
October 21, 1944

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