Waiting Hours

The little son of the house had brought in a bird which had fallen in the street wounded and unable to fly. After several days of waiting filled with tender care and prayer by the mother and son, who were both students of Christian Science, the bird was restored, and flew about the little garden to the child's great delight.

But one morning the bird was gone, and it did not return that day or the next. The little boy waited, unhappily and impatiently, for several days for the bird's return, until one day the mother said gently, "Why do you not be grateful that the bird could fly, dear?" Slowly his face brightened, and he realized that he had been thinking only of himself. His gratitude for the healing restored his peace and joy. In a few days the bird returned and made its home in the garden for a long time, coming and going freely.

The Faithful and Understanding Samaritan
October 21, 1944

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