The Folly of Feuds

Forward-looking men and women are giving more and more thought to that great day when the hellish clamor of conflict is silenced, when the armada of the air shall bring blessings instead of bombs, and the dawn of international sanity cast its welcome rays over a war-torn humanity. From forum and press comes the challenge to begin now the serious, prayerful consideration of what we are pleased to call the problems of the postwar world. In such discussions in America, one seldom hears advanced these days the timid, selfish thesis of isolationism. Certainly the Christian Scientist, knowing that there can be no such thing as separation between God and man, can never be known as an isolationist. The cornerstone of his faith and understanding rests on the great fact of the indestructible oneness of God and His Christ, Mind and its inseparable ideas.

God's children, ideas, cannot be separated from their eternal Father-Mother, nor from each other. In a very real sense, therefore, one becomes his brother's keeper; surely the keeper of the right thought about his brother.

Man's Birthright of Dominion
October 16, 1943

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