Christian Science means more...

Christian Science means more and more to me all the time. Hardly a day passes that sincere gratitude does not well up and flow over. For many years the understanding of God gained from Mrs. Eddy's writings, from a wise teacher's class instruction and the guidance of a loving practitioner, has brought me untold blessings. It is high time for me to share some of them through our periodicals.

In 1911, after a year of nerve-racking work, I collapsed with a severe nervous breakdown. The kindly family doctor could do nothing for me. I was gradually drifting into a coma, with the fear-filled faces of my parents hovering over me, when I remembered that an aunt of mine had been helped by Christian Science. I asked my father to find her practitioner. That was the way I started, but it was several years before I was completely free so that by my own understanding I could banish the symptoms as soon as they appeared. During that slow healing I was forced to study, and through the wise and understanding work of a loving practitioner, I gradually gained in the knowledge of God and man's relation to Him. The psychology and philosophy I had studied in college often got in the way. I was too critical and argumentative. The first gleam of childlike faith and the realization of my true being did more than hours of intellectual reasoning.

Testimony of Healing
It is with sincere gratitude that...
October 16, 1943

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