Absolutely speaking, there is in the spiritual universe no evil to resist for the very reason that God is All and there is no power opposed to Him; hence there is nothing offering resistance to good; but relatively speaking, mortal mind is more or less constantly suggesting resistance in one form or another. Nevertheless, correctly speaking, there are not differing forms of resistance. All seeming opposition is the so-called mortal mind resistance to the one divine fact, namely, the omnipresence, omnipotence, and omniscience of changeless good. But this so-called mortal mind is particularly insistent that one's resistance to disease should not be permitted to remain low, because it believes that if one's resistance is low, he is liable to take on a physical ailment of one sort or another. It is necessary, therefore, for Christian Scientists in their work to give definite attention to this suggestion and to handle it specifically.

In considering the scientific way in which to handle a suggestion of this kind, Christian Scientists find it helpful to ponder the words of Mary Baker Eddy to be found in "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" (p. 233), "The counter fact relative to any disease is required to cure it." What, then, is the counter fact relative to this error? Can the claim of low resistance ever touch man? No! Absolutely no! And why not? In reality there is no low resistance, because there is no opposition to God, or good. In His kingdom, where the real man dwells, there is no error, nor are there any resisting powers, for God is the all and only power. He knows no power in opposition to Himself. God is conscious of His allness—His all-inclusiveness, all-presence, all-power—and of nothing else. Man, therefore, as the reflection of God, is always one with good and eternally conscious of the fact that there is no evil present with him to resist or to be resisted.

Winged Victory
August 22, 1942

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