Daily Work

Every morning is a fresh beginning. It is well to start the day with this awareness. Mind is our intelligence, holding us in the perfect harmony of unfolding bliss. God addeth no sorrow to the blessings He bestows, nor any failure. In quietly and confidently knowing this will be our strength. His tenderness is so all-encompassing that if one listens for His voice there will be no stumbling over thoughts of fear or criticism or impatience or any other limitation. There will be no lost opportunity.

A little boy was walking along a rough road one afternoon, his arms too full of the toys with which he had been playing to reach up and take the outstretched hand of his father. Are we always any more willing to drop our treasured possessions and reach up for our Father's hand, that the rocky going of daily living may be made smoother? The things which disturb and distress will pass away as soon as we let them, just as soon as we recognize them for what they are. And eager are the things of God, which abide forever, such as love, joy, peace, and all good, to replace them. But this can be done only as we drop those things which we must eventually outgrow.

August 22, 1942

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