"God's method"

To be securely anchored to the rock that is Christian Science, unmoved by the waves of semimetaphysics vainly attempting to simulate or to deny pure Christian Science, it is highly important for the student to know exactly what he means whenever he uses the term "metaphysics." It is significant that the dictionary gives two distinct meanings: (1) Ontology, or the science of being; (2) Epistemology, or the theory of knowledge. Is it not clear that much that one hears loosely spoken of as "metaphysics" has in reality this secondary meaning, which, the dictionary further states, has special reference to "the limits and validity of" metaphysics? Obviously there are no limitations to the Christian Science revelation of God as All, and the scientific nothingness of error.

Reason is indeed a vital human faculty, but in the practice of Christian Science the employment of mental argument has only an auxiliary purpose. Omar Khayyám, the Persian poet and scholar, sensed the vagaries of the human mind when he penned the illuminating bit of verse phrased in the FitzGerald translation as follows:

How Can I Serve?
March 28, 1942

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