"The remedial power of Christian Science"

The Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy, on page 44 of "Miscellaneous Writings" says, "The remedial power of Christian Science is positive, and its application direct." The remedial power of Christian Science is God. It is positive because God is positive power; it is direct because God is omnipresence. Christian Science reveals that God and His ideas are one and inseparable; therefore, the presence of these ideas constitutes the presence and power of God, and it is in these ideas alone that the student of this Science finds deliverance from evil.

When we understand and accept God, infinite good, as the basis of all reality, and therefore primal, self-existent consciousness, it becomes practical to measure thoughts by this standard. One can quickly differentiate between those thoughts which have their source in this divine consciousness and those which are but the presumptive offshoots of a fabulous, contrary mind. The effects of the former are harmony, holiness, freedom, joy, strength, and the like. The latter produce weariness, fear, resentment, weakness, separation, limitation. It may not always seem so easy instantly to reject such suggestions and to bring one's consciousness into harmony with the divine Principle of being, but this is the necessity if permanent cure and prevention are to be gained.

"Builded together"
September 20, 1941

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