Many have been the blessings which I have experienced...

Many have been the blessings which I have experienced since I first turned to Christian Science. In the year 1910, while I was unhappy and in great distress, and when no material means seemed to relieve my trouble, the light of Truth, which Mrs. Eddy gave to this age, dawned in my consciousness. It was as if, in the words of David, I had been taken "out of an horrible pit" and my feet set "upon a rock." I used to think, "Why! It seems too good to be true!" Then I would joyfully reflect, "But only what is good is true."

During the war of 1914–1918 it was my duty to be in London part of the time. I always experienced a wonderful feeling of protection during air raids on the city, and was also able to rid others of a sense of fear, but there was one raid that left a strange aftereffect. I was held up in Liverpool Street Station with two little children and their nurse for nearly five hours. When the all-clear signal was given it was between eleven and twelve at night and there was a great rush for the outgoing trains. The nurse and I each took a child and struggled toward the train. The crowd in which we found ourselves was quite indescribable, and I had the feeling that if I slipped in any way the child in my arms and I would be trampled on. Nothing of the sort occurred, but for months, in fact years afterwards, whenever I found myself in any crowded place, this same feeling came over me and I had to make my way to a more open space. Again and again I declared the truth about this, as we are taught to do in Christian Science, and though it helped at the time, before long I would find myself in another crowd and again experience the awful feeling of suffocation. One night I was obliged to travel home on a late bus, which proved to be a very crowded one. As this feeling rose up in my consciousness I started to leave the carriage, but when I realized how I would distress those who were expecting me at home, I began to declare the omnipresence of Love and Life and kept saying, in the words of a hymn, "My path in life is free." Suddenly a wonderful peace came to me as I received a message in the words, "May the peace of God abide and remain with you now and for ever more." I knew that I was healed, and that this condition would never return—and so it has proved. During the many raids which are taking place in this present world conflict, I am happy to say I feel quite at peace and entirely without fear.

Testimony of Healing
A testimony appearing in the Christian Science Sentinel...
September 20, 1941

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