Liberation through Right Thoughts

A man widely known for his work in industrial research pointed out recently that in the development of better products, the primary necessity commonly is to enlarge one's thought as to what is possible. He recalled that when the Diesel motor was first being developed for use on railways, the hope was expressed by railway men that the new engines would run one hundred thousand miles without overhauling, but that through nonacceptance of this standard it had been possible to raise the figure first to one hundred and twenty-five thousand miles, and later to four hundred thousand miles. Similarly, in the beginning, it had seemed a good record when the engine's cylinder liners were ground every one hundred and fifty thousand miles, but later they were made to go without grinding for a million miles.

"How long will an engine run?" he asked. "It will run," he continued, "just as long as the designer thinks it ought to run, and it will run longer if somebody else thinks it ought to run longer."

July 12, 1941

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