"I've enlisted"

[Written Especially for Young People]

Driving along the highway one beautiful spring morning, a motorist was greatly impressed by the large number of approaching automobiles that had a small placard pasted on the windshield. In clearly defined black letters was the inscription, "I've enlisted." The same little card was on her own windshield, but the words that faced her were, "You've enlisted." The Governor of the state had issued the little posters in an effort to ensure greater safety on the highways, and she had been glad to pledge her co-operation in the cause of careful and courteous driving.

It was only then, however, that this particular motorist, who was a student of Christian Science, realized special significance in the words. "All of these drivers are enlisted," she thought, "and I'm enlisted, too!" She stopped her car by the side of the road to ponder the meaning of this message that so suddenly appeared important. What power and decisiveness were indicated by those two little words! What conviction they conveyed of a purpose to drive skillfully, intelligently! How safe one felt!

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