Consenting to Truth

When spiritual truth first enters the human consciousness, it begins at once to destroy erroneous material concepts. This awakens hope and stimulates endeavor, because the destruction of even one false concept is a proof of the power and availability of Truth. This beginning holds bright promise for the seeker for Truth, for he now sees that as one error is destroyed, so all that is discordant will eventually disappear.

It is always cause for gratitude to find thought which is receptive to the truths of Christian Science; and such receptivity is essential as the only soil in which spiritual understanding can grow. The seed sown, nevertheless, must be nurtured and developed. The cold indifference of materiality and resistance to Truth may assail the tender plant of spiritual understanding, but it continues to grow as surely as the seedling in the soil of an earthly garden. The spiritual plant, being established in Mind, is immune from destruction. This is the safeguard of the Christian Scientist. The honest acceptance of Christian Science, for its own intrinsic worth, for its spiritual value, will result in certain and full demonstration of man as the spiritual idea of God.

"Home, heaven"
July 6, 1940

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