Public acknowledgment of my gratitude for a healing...

Public acknowledgment of my gratitude for a healing which came to me many years ago is long overdue. However, every year has added proof of the permanence of the recovery, for it has been about thirty years since the healing took place.

I had been going to a Christian Science Sunday School for only a year or so, when I suffered a fractured skull while playing indoor baseball. Although I was taken to a hospital and operated on, a member of my family who was also studying Christian Science had immediately called a practitioner, who began absent treatment for me. The surgeon who performed the operation, and the local physicians who had responded to the emergency call, held out little hope for my recovery. I was unconscious for a day or more, and completely paralyzed on one side of my body. The doctors, who continued to watch the case, but who gave no further treatment of any sort, said that I could not expect to regain the use of one arm and leg, even if I did live. Every false material law laid down by them was immediately denied by the practitioner.

Testimony of Healing
I am truly grateful for Christian Science, which has met...
July 15, 1939

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