Divine Order

THE student of Christian Science learns to base his thinking on the fact that God, infinite good, is the sole creator of the universe, and that God being perfect, complete, the whole of His creation expresses like perfection. It is thus clearly perceived by the enlightened thinker that the government of the universe, including man, is expressed by means of infallible and unchanging spiritual laws.

These laws, emanating from the one great cause, the divine Mind, maintain all things real in a state of absolute order and harmony. From the infinite to the infinitesimal all is governed solely by God. The revered Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy, expressed this concisely in a statement to be found on page 26 of "Miscellaneous Writings," where she says, "The only logical conclusion is that all is Mind and its manifestation, from the rolling of worlds, in the most subtle ether, to a potatopatch."

"A truer sense of Love"
March 18, 1939

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