I wish to express my gratitude to Christian Science for...

I wish to express my gratitude to Christian Science for the many healings I have received. Outstanding among these is one which took place about two years ago. Ever since starting school, at the age of six, I had had hardened wax in one ear, and for two or three days at a time I could not hear well. Before we came into Science, my mother took me to a doctor to have this wax removed, but after a very short time it would form again. Over two years ago my ear was closed for such a long while that I called a practitioner for help. The next morning I was able to hear normally. For three months I could feel the wax in my ear, but it never affected my hearing. One morning at the end of that time, a large ball of this wax fell out. Since then, I have had no trouble.

Christian Science is a great help for many things other than sickness. A short time after I had finished a course in a phase of photography, I applied for a position that was advertised in a newspaper. There were eight other applicants, and we were told to wait at the employment agency until the rush hour was over. During this time I tried to realize that there was a right place for me, and also for the others, and that the one who could be of the most service would be chosen. Though I had had no experience, I was given the position, which I held until my marriage.

The Morning Star
May 28, 1938

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