Recently De Avondpost contained a detailed review of...

De Avondpost

Recently De Avondpost contained a detailed review of a booklet wherein the author comments unfavorably on various healing methods, which differ from the methods with which he, as a medical doctor, has always been associated. The doctor simplifies matters by calling those healing methods which differ from his own method, quackery. In his remarks on Christian Science, he ignores the pure divine Principle underlying its cures, thinking to have refuted its healing power sufficienlty by enumerating some cases of failure. He seems to regard these failures as something remarkable, thus paying unconscious homage to Christian Science. For who would find failures or mistakes occurring in the medical practice remarkable?

Those who turn to Christian Science for physicla healing, as a rule, do so either when the doctor has given them up, or when they find their healing indefinitely protracted. Or else when they shrink from a surgical operation deemed necessary. In the first two cases, therefore, medical failures came first. If the patient derives benefit from the Christian Science treatment, it is only natural for him gradually to come to trust all his difficulties to Christian Science help.

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