"Fret not thyself"

David, the "sweet singer of Israel," begins one of his most beautiful Psalms with the reassuring admonition, "Fret not thyself because of evildoers." Through the centuries these words have undoubtedly been of good comfort to many troubled hearts. Yet, unless one can know some good reason why it is essential to be untroubled over the workings of evil and of evildoers, this admonition may go unheeded, as being impracticable of fulfillment. We see all around us certain injustices and other evils needing correction. How, then, can one remain undisturbed? Is it right to sit quiet, as it were—to be complacent or indifferent in regard to these evils and evildoers?

Consider briefly some reasons, from the standpoint of Christian Science, why one should not "fret."

Why Do I Attend Church?
May 28, 1938

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