When Christian Science first came into my life, I found...

When Christian Science first came into my life, I found it very comforting, for I felt adrift with nothing to hold on to; but I could not accept Christ Jesus, because my parents were Jews. I went to Christian Science churches and thought how beautiful it would be to be a member, but felt that I could never have that privilege because I could not accept Jesus and his teaching. When I read Science and Health by Mrs. Eddy I used to skip the passages in which his name appeared. One day an angel-thought came to me and told me to go to a Christian Science Reading Room and study the New Testament. For hours I read from Matthew, and when I was through I cried for joy. I knew then that the Jewish people did not understand Jesus, just as today the human race in general does not understand the truth. Needless to say, I became a member of a brance church and of The Mother Church.

I was a student of Christian Science for about twelve years, and at the same time rejoiced in being one of the children of Israel. At times I still wondered if Christian Science really revealed the absolute truth. Three years ago I had to prove that it did. After I had operated a business for thirteen years, the lie of depression suddenly presented itself and I could not pay the rent according to my lease. The landlord pretended to be a friend and reduced my rent, but on my monthly receipt the rent was written "on account." When I told him about it he said that he would not do anything to me that would not be right, and for me not to worry. So I believed in him. Finally, a big concern wanted to rent my storeroom. The landlord wanted me out, so he sued me for the back payments according to the lease, attaching every material belonging I possessed, and I found myself penniless. Attorneys advised me not to let it go to court, for, according to my lease, I did not have a leg to stand on. I went to an attorney who I knew was a student of Christian Science. He tried to make a settlement, but the landlord and his attorneys were adamant. To material sense I stood alone, with no family, and broken in spirit and in health.

Testimony of Healing
It is with a heart full of gratitude that I want to relate...
May 28, 1938

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