The Naturalness of Good

The word "natural" is defined in a dictionary as that which is "true to nature" or "conformed to truth or reality." And a definition of the word "nature" is, "the source or essence of the life of the universe." The life, words, and works of Christ Jesus proved beyond a doubt that God is the only cause, and that He is good and always produces good. The Master said, "There is none good but one, that is, God;" also, "A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit." Jesus' life and works were the confirmation of his words.

It is an established and a generally accepted fact that the entire ministry of Jesus expressed good only, the nature of God. The Master knew that God is wholly good in nature, in essence and character; and this correct knowing silenced and destroyed the appearances of evil in its every guise. To know God aright is to be aware of good as the infinite One, All, the only presence, power, intelligence, here and everywhere, now and forever; it is to know God as all-inclusive Spirit or Mind.

Purity and Vision
April 9, 1938

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