Christian Science first came to my attention over twenty-three...

Christian Science first came to my attention over twenty-three years ago when my son, then about five months old, was dropped upon a cement porch and his head apparently crushed. A dear friend living near by who was a student of Christian Science took him to her home and kept him there for several days, bringing him to me at intervals to be fed. At such times he would go into convulsions, so she would take him home with her again, knowing, I am sure, that she could do much more for him away from my distracted thinking. Finally, however, she returned him to me completely healed, and there was no evidence that an accident had ever taken place.

At this time she lent me a copy of Science and Health by Mrs. Eddy, which I attempted to read; but failing to comprehend it, I put it aside as being beyond my understanding. The seed had been sown, however, and it was to prove fruitful. Some years later, at a period of great unhappiness, shadowed by an increasing fear of a developing malignant disease, I was again led to turn to Christian Science. This time, however, aimless reading soon grew into consistent and persistent searching for Truth as one false belief after another was destroyed, sometimes with the help of a practitioner, sometimes through my own understanding.

Testimony of Healing
There are two main reasons for which I have cause to...
April 9, 1938

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