Rescue at Hand

[Original article in German]

The author of this article once read the following report in a newspaper: In a heavy fog a ship ran upon a ledge of rock, and water rushed into the hold. When the danger could no longer be hidden, the captain said to the assembled passengers: "Our ship has been badly damaged, and we are lost if help does not come very soon. We are sending SOS calls continuously, but as yet there is no apparent response, because of the dense fog. There is no time to be lost, let us all kneel down and pray to God." While they were praying the fog lifted a little, and with indescribable joy they beheld a number of ships standing by the stricken vessel. They had heard the calls for help, altered their course, and hastened to the rescue. It was only the wall of fog which had concealed their presence.

The writer has often had occasion to apply the lesson to be drawn from this incident in the light of Christian Science, the light of spiritual understanding; and always, in her experience, when difficult problems have loomed in the fog of material sense, harmony has been restored. In its liberating and healing ministry Christian Science brings to light the truth which has been hidden by the mist of perverted thinking and living.

The Naturalness of Good
April 9, 1938

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